The future of Asset Management (as of April 2015)

Score: 9.02/10 Type: Presentation Overview: Carl Kirstein shares the imminent future of technology, skills and management in the Asset Management industry as presented at the SAP Plant Maintenance conference in April 2015.   Download It! (4.2Mb) Author(s): Kirstein, Carl Reviewer(s): SAP Plant Maintenance Conference The Good: [...]

We need to replicate the asset DNA in our asset management systems

Score: n/a Type: Article Overview: Jan Myburg gives us insight on the transition between life cycle phases, by showing how elements in the design phases can be structured to improve the later life cycle stages.   Download It! (288kb) Author(s): Myburg, Jan Reviewer(s): Kirstein, Carl The Good: [...]

Data Smart: Using Data Science to Transform Information into Insight

Score: 9/10 Type: Book Overview: At last a book that drops the entry-barrier to data science!  Foreman wrote a easy-to-follow book that enables you to do data science using Microsoft Excel. The book is rich with screenshots and step-by-step explanations on how to apply data analysis techniques. Get It! Author(s): John Foreman Reviewer(s): Kirstein, [...]

Proactive Risk Management – Controlling Uncertainty in Product Development

Score: 6/10 Type: Book Overview: Despite the long title, it is not entirely accurate. There is very little about proactivity and uncertainty in this book and the use of "product development" is too specific. This book is a beginner's introduction to risk management and focusses almost entirely on the risk management in projects. Perhaps a more appropriate title would [...]

Mastering SAP Plant Maintenance 2014

Score: 9/10 Type: Conference Overview: This fourth iteration of the Mastering SAP PM conference is the Eventful Group's best one yet. The focus is on maintenance management and specifically the application of SAP PM. Topics spanned between ISO 55000, fleet management, linear asset management, configuration management, e-learning/training, and life cycle costing. Numerous international speakers presented at the conference (USA, Canada, Germany and Australia) [...]

Calculating the Annual Escalation Adjustment for Municipal Infrastructure

Score: 9/10 Type: Article (downloadable) Overview: This article discusses how the value of Assets (specifically municipal infrastructure) could be derived from historic costs and recommends an index which is the most representative. Download it! (850kb)   Author(s): Dr H.M.S Belmonte Reviewer(s): Kirstein, Carl The Good: gives a good guideline to valuate [...]

Mobile Asset Management – Extrasensory Augmented Reality

Score: 8/10 Type: Video Overview: SAP and Vuzix are taking the Google glass concept to the industry in disciplines such as warehousing and maintenance. The two videos shown here are concepts and not currently available, but should set asset management developers' sights higher when developing a mobile strategy. The full review that follows below is not talking [...]

Literature Reviews Available for Members!

A couple of literature reviews have been posted in the members page. The scoring is highly subjective, but I try to consider the following when deciding upon a score Relevance - is the information appropriate in the asset management landscape of today? Is it old-thinking, forward thinking or alien thinking? Is it addressing important issues regarding [...]

Physical Asset Management

Score: 6/10 Type: Book Overview: The simple title of this book might be creating too much expectation, it would have been better to add a subtitle to clarify what the book is about and what it intends. Hastings focusses primarily on the policy, strategy and plan portion of PAS 55, as well as cost- and life-cycle management. He also [...]

Life-Cycle Costing: Using Activity-Based Costing and Monte Carlo Methods to Manage Future Costs and Risks

Score: 7/10 Type: Book Overview: This book is perhaps a bit ahead of its time with the life cycle costing methodology explained therein. Activity Based Costing (ABC) is still relatively scarce in the academic literature in 2014, and ABC with uncertainty even more scarce. This book provides the tools and three major case studies to [...]