Kindly note that ECSA has learnt that there is a company which is sending ECSA registered persons false information on Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training courses. This company is copying CPD training courses from other companies’ brochures and attaching it to their email so that it looks legitimate to unsuspecting engineering practitioners. ECSA has further discovered that this company make people pay for CPD courses which do not exist. It occurred on more than one occasion that registered persons went to these courses and find out that no one was aware that such courses exist. Several ECSA registered persons have been duped by this company. ECSA wishes to warn all registered persons to be cautious and be on the look-out for such despicable criminal activities and to always confirm the validation numbers of all CPD activities by visiting the Pre-accredited section on the ECSA website ( ECSA condemns this fraudulent act in the strongest terms and wishes to send a stern warning to companies engaging in such practices to desist from it.

Accredited CPD Events