About SAAMA 2018

This year the SAAMA conference aim to explore Smarter approaches to enterprise asset management. With Industry 4.0 gaining momentum, permanent change is the new constant. From the daily fundamentals to strategically casting a futuristic vision, the focus is on doing these things Smarter.  Working Smarter will impact on the workforce (how they work and how they are managed), our assets (adapting to new and disruptive technologies) and operations (thinking differently about efficiency and connectedness). Smarter approaches in the following topic areas are of particular interest for SAAMA2018:

•Business and Management •Digitalisation, IoT, Mobile and Technology in AM
•Organisation and Leadership •AM Maturity Principles and Assessment
•Work Management •AM Auditors and Assessors Requirements
•Reliability Best Practice •AM best Practices in Utilities and Public Sector
•Equipment Reliability •Green/Circular Economy
•Decision-making Information •Competency and Employee Engagement
•Operational Excellence •Leadership and Culture
•Capital projects •AM Sustainability

We invite you to get involved in the conference and take hands with other like minded peers to effective and sustainable asset management and maintenance programmes to the benefit of Southern Africa.