SAAMA2018 Conference Proceedings & Presentations

Asekun O.Investigation into possible hotspots and patterns of vandalism

Balmonte H.Methodology for Using Construction Price Adjustment Factor – Read-Only

Beavon T.Maintenance Planner Qualification – Read-Only

Bezuidenhout, Von Saint Ange.Value Improvement – Read-Only

Botha R.Count the Cost – Read-Only

Broussard M.Who Defines Your Performance CultureTM – Read-Only

Carr A.A Smart Asset Management Platform – Read-Only

Cato J.Certification of Training Academies – Read-Only

Childs and Jooste.AM Designations and Qualifications – Read-Only

Coetzee J.SAAMA Conference Opening – Read-Only

Davies R.5 Things YOU can do Tomorrow for Effective Asset Management – Read-Only

Davies R.The State of ISO 55000 & Next Steps – Read-Only

De Vries L.Legally compliant Piping & Pipeline Maintenance – Read-Only

Erasmus J.Tripping Over Buzzwords – Read-Only

Erwee J.Dropula Smart Water Meters help schools save water – Read-Only

eSmarter Learning.A Tait – Read-Only

Gobind A.Changing the outlook of maintenance by adopting condition monitoring techniques – Read-Only

Human E.Effective Pump Management – Read-Only

Jordaan A.Life Cycle Costing by Pragma for CoCT – Read-Only

Joubert F.No Silver Bullets – Read-Only

Kappers G.Digitizing your workforce via mobile – Read-Only

Keynote.Marishana L.Practical Innovation for managing the most important asset – Read-Only

Keynote.Naude P.Innovation and Sustainability – Read-Only

Keynote.Ngewana B.Evolution to Smart Cities – Read-Only

Keynote.Scheeres A and Panel.Connectedness for synergy in Smart EAM – Read-Only

Keynote.Vermeulen E.Herding Cats – Read-Only

Lejeune T and J Rustenburg.Professionalizing Spare Parts Management – Read-Only

Mona BJ.Physical Asset Management Maturity in Mining – Read-Only

Muyengwa G.Business excellence deployment – Read-Only

Neijens B.Strategic Asset Management Delivering Value Across the Organization – Read-Only

Neijens B.Value-based decision making – Read-Only

Ngcobo E.Redefining 21st Century Asset Management – Read-Only

Ngoetjana P.Maintenance Effectiveness Assessment – Read-Only

Nortje A.Lighting the fire within – Read-Only

Pienaar H.Facility Management Standards – Read-OnlyPrice M.An Approach to Integrated Problem Solving – Read-Only

Saliwa M.The Frontline Must Take Charge – Read-Only

Swanepoel S.Developing a Digital Transformation Road Map – Read-Only

Trollip K.Reliability Modelling of Train Set Motor Coaches (1) – Read-Only

Van Tonder T.ISO 45001 – Read-Only

Visser and Nomtsongwana.An Analysis of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Equipment – Read-Only

Weber W.Seven elements of an Effective System for Asset Management – Read-Only