Materials Engineer at Aurecon, Dr Hal Belmonte, will be one of the speakers at this year’s South African Asset Management Association (SAAMA) Conference, which takes place at the CTICC in Cape Town from 12 to 14 May. Belmonte has in-depth experience in the utilities and municipal sector and will address delegates on optimal life cycle cost design.

Says Dr Belmonte: “Municipalities are under a legislative imperative to compile asset registers that account for all their assets and provide accurate annual valuations of their assets, in particular their infrastructure assets.  In recent years the Auditor General has become increasingly more rigorous in examining the basis for the valuations of infrastructure assets.”

According to Dr Belmonte, in order to overcome the unavailability of data, the ideal solution would be to utilise first principle modelling to determine the valuation of infrastructure assets each year.  “However, the time required for implementing a first principles model is onerous, as all the data required is not always available and the costs for establishing such a model are prohibitive.”

Dr Belmonte continues: “There are a few such systems available that can provide complete and accurate infrastructure asset valuations on an annual basis, thus there is a need for a tool that can be used to escalate (and de-escalate) values of infrastructure assets, which is based on something more representative of infrastructure than simply using the Consumer Price Index (CPI) within the municipal infrastructure and finance sphere.  During my presentation, I’ll present a simple tool that was developed to escalate and de-escalate infrastructure valuations based on the Contract Price Adjustment Factor.”

About Dr Belmonte

Dr Belmonte’s background is in Materials Science and Engineering (specialising in Composites, Fracture Mechanics and Materials modelling). He is a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Scientist with the Engineering and Science Councils of the UK.  Dr Belmonte’s specialist knowledge lies in the field of materials engineering, determining the condition of pipe networks and failure investigations.  He has been working in infrastructure asset management at Aurecon for the last six years where he has been involved in assisting municipalities with asset registers and strategic infrastructure planning across the key sectors.


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