Membership Criteria

Asset Management applies to every known industry in some manner or form. Membership is open to all those engaged in this field of activity, whether it be at the operational, tactical and / or strategic level, as a practitioner, manager, advisor, or decision-maker. Members may already be engaged in specialist disciplines of engineering, planning, finance, management sciences or implementation management and have an interest in the broad ambit of asset management, or may be new entrants looking to grow a career in this exciting and multi-faceted domain.

Membership options are:

Type of membership Cost Registration
Individual Membership (RSA) R 900 Annually
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Individual Membership (Outside RSA) R 900 Annually
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Ruby Member Company Package (covers 5 employees) R 4 450 Annually
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Saphire Member Company Package (covers 10 employees) R 8 800 Annually
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Emerald Member Company Package (covers 20 employees) R 17 500 Annually
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Diamond Member Company Package (covers 30 employees) R 26 000 Annually
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SAAMA – Honorary Life Members procedure – click here

Diamond Corporate Members

Emerald Corporate Members



Saphire Corporate Members

Grant Thorn

 Carab Arint-Corp-Silver

Ruby Members