FREE SAAMA Webinar | Finding the needle in the haystack
A case study to prioritise and keep focus in a dynamic physical asset environment

22nd October 2020
@ your PC
13:00 – 14:00

In a mega scale physical asset environment, there is always the question “where to prioritise efforts?” This question is normally asked in the context of limited resources, pockets of excellence and pockets of very low performance, internal and external stakeholder pressure and regulatory requirements, just to name a few.

In this case study, the basic assumption is that it is all about risk management. This case study will explain how operational data is used to define areas of concern, how the Pareto principle is used to balance between scope and limited resources, how prioritisation is normalised between growth and sustenance investments. It will also place in context the always present regulatory requirements. All of the above with the expectation that the assets will maintain high performance now and in the future. Closing down, regrouping and then ramping up on performance is not an option.

A few performance parameters will be shared to explain the relevance of measuring at the correct level of an organization to enable focus. Challenges to achieve all of the above will also be shared, highlighting master data, operational data, operational discipline and digitisation.

The objective of this case study is to provide hope in the South African context, where asset managers from all spectrums of society share these “frustrating challenges”.

Presented by André Mathee (BEng Mech, MEng, PrEng, CMRP) from Sasol Secunda Chemicals Operations

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