Calculating the Annual Escalation Adjustment for Municipal Infrastructure

Score: 9/10 Type: Article (downloadable) Overview: This article discusses how the value of Assets (specifically municipal infrastructure) could be derived from historic costs and recommends an index which is the most representative. Download it! (850kb)   Author(s): Dr H.M.S Belmonte Reviewer(s): Kirstein, Carl The Good: gives a good guideline to valuate [...]

SAAMA Conference 2014

Score: 8.3/10 Type: Conference Overview: The theme of the 2014 SAAMA conference was Fifty five – the way to integrated asset management. Most of the presentations have focussed on what ISO55000 is, how it differs from PAS 55, what its implications are, and which role SAAMA and other institutions will fulfil regarding ISO 55000. There are also presentations regarding performance management, [...]