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Carl Kirstein shares the imminent future of technology, skills and management in the Asset Management industry as presented at the SAP Plant Maintenance conference in April 2015.

 Gartner Curve 2014
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Kirstein, Carl


SAP Plant Maintenance Conference

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        With the exponential growth of data transfer speeds and processing power (and their reduction in costs and size), things previously unheard of have become possible and even inevitable. Mobile devices in Asset Management have been an increasing hot topic of late, but when one surveys the smart device maturity, it seems that the industry has been catching on too slowly. Smart devices have been around for a couple of years and users are already at the verge of trading in their smartphones for wearable technology like smart watches and optical head mounted displays — and the big players are already introducing the technology beyond that into the public domain.

        My presentation surveys available and emergent technology for Asset Management, and paints a titillating picture of what is already available and will be available within the next 5 to 10 years at low costs. I will recommend how you can prepare for it and introduce the imminent industrial application of extrasensory augmented reality, as well as a couple of other things highlighted on the Gartner Hype curve.