The Southern African Asset Management Association (SAAMA) registered as a non-profit organization (2001/010708/08) was formed in 1997, then known as the Southern African Maintenance Association (SAMA). The purpose was and still is to promote the interests of asset management and maintenance as a whole, as well as to uplift the asset management and maintenance practitioners in Southern Africa.

SAAMA Conference 2021

The 2021 SAAMA Conference was held virtually for the first time on 23 & 24 June 2021.

Global Certification Scheme (GCS)

The Southern African Asset Management Association (SAAMA) is delighted to announce that, as a member of the global organisation World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM), it has participated in establishing a Global Certification Scheme (GCS), that will underpin the suite of designations for individuals engaged in the physical asset management  profession. In 2016, the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) recognised SAAMA as a professional body and approved the registration of a first professional designation in Asset Management (CSAM™). This was envisaged as a first step towards a suite of such designations that recognise and facilitate career progression in the field of physical asset management. Now, reinforced with global recognition, the intention is to expand the suite to provide three designations that link to different roles:

  • Certified Senior Principal in Asset Management (CSAM™)
  • Certified Practitioner in Asset Management (CPAM™)
  • Certified Technical Specialist in Asset Management (CTAM™)

SAAMA is a member of GFMAM (Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management) and some of these members have joined together in a non-profit organisation, the WPIAM (World Partners in Asset Management) that is focused on the establishment of a Global Certification Scheme (GCS) driven by industry in order to establish suitable standards and make asset management skills transferable across many countries. In the past year WPiAM has made massive strides to establish the GCS with SAAMA’s input as well as the equivalent asset management associations in America, Canada, Australia, Europe, Japan, and Brazil. This certification scheme will enable the designations awarded by SAAMA to individuals to be recognized by all these countries. This is really fantastic news for the local Asset Management fraternity and SAAMA’s mission of professionalizing these skills.

The GCS for which Asset Management professionals will be eligible has been prepared in such a way that it will be able to support and enhance the value of the proposed suite of designations in South Africa. There is engagement with SAQA to formalise this process.

Further information on the GCS may be found on

SAAMA will update this site and advise members on application arrangements once finalised with SAQA but for now members may register their interest here

SAAMA Mentorship Programme – Lift as you Rise

In pursuance of reinforcing diversity and gender equity in Asset management while meeting our objective to professionalize and uplift the role of asset management and maintenance practitioners in Southern Africa, SAAMA is launching a mentorship programme – Lift as you Rise.

Furthermore with our socio-economic challenges and the prevailing economic environment we acknowledge that our membership is going through organizational restructuring resulting in career transitions and personal adjustments. A mentorship programme can be a great support system to one’s personal and career development especially in these uncertain times and this is one of the ways SAAMA aims to provide value to its membership going forward.

We therefore invite you, our valued members to apply to be part of this programme, whether as a mentor or mentee, and let us work together to make a difference in each other’s lives and the Asset Management industry at large.

To register as a SAAMA Mentor, click here

To register as a SAAMA Mentee, click here

Professional Body Approval – SAAMA

The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) Board approved the recognition of SAAMA as a professional body for an initial period of five years starting in 2016.  It also approved the registration of the designation “Certified Senior Practitioner in Asset Management” (CSAM) to be awarded by SAAMA.  This is the first designation that will be developed and awarded, to be followed by further designations indicating different levels of proficiency in Asset Management.

For more information click here.

Establishment of the Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) Technical committee

SAAMA has endorsed the establishment of the Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) Technical committee.  The aim of this committee is to guide and shape the RBI methodology in Southern Africa.

The main aim of this RBI Technical Committee would be to develop and maintain standards, guidelines and competencies that will support RBI implementation across industry, as well as to evaluate the suitability within the South African context and introduce these practices into the SA environment.

You are invited to participate to lead a structured and improved capability that supports effective maintenance and asset management.

Click here for more details as well as feedback on the first meeting that took place on 10 October 2018.

SANS ISO 55001 accreditation scheme

On 18th October 2018, SANAS hosted the Pre-Working Group Meeting for the SANS ISO 55001 accreditation scheme at their offices in Equestria, Pretoria.

While a number of interested stakeholders were in attendance the Pre-working Group meeting the objective is to have as broad and diverse participation at the meeting to ensure fair representation and input from all stakeholders.

The next meeting will be the formal Working Group meeting and SANS ISO 55001 Asset Management industry representatives are encouraged to be part of the working group to be established. The objective of the Working Group sessions would be to set the accreditation criteria for the certification bodies that will ultimately audit asset management system implementation by organization in accordance to SANS ISO 55001.

For more feedback on the Pre-Working Group Meeting, please click here.