The Southern African Asset Management Association (SAAMA) registered as a non-profit organization (2001/010708/08) was formed in 1997, then known as the Southern African Maintenance Association (SAMA). The purpose was and still is to promote the interests of asset management and maintenance as a whole, as well as to uplift asset management and maintenance practitioners in Southern Africa.

The SAQA Board approved the recognition of SAAMA as a professional body for an initial period of five years. It also approved the registration of the designation “Certified Senior Practitioner in Asset Management”  (now the Certified Senior Principal in Asset Management(CSAM™) to be awarded by SAAMA.

This is the first designation that will be developed and awarded, to be followed by further designations indicating different levels of proficiency in Asset Management. Click here for more.


Vision & Mission

We aim to elevate the status of maintenance and asset management practitioners by raising the professional standard in the industry. We do this by promoting Asset Management as a key contributor to long-term business success by:

  • Contributing to the continued development of standards and practices

  • Establishing, maintaining and improving common standards

  • Encouraging the interchange of information, ideas and knowledge

  • Stimulating and promoting education, training and original research

  • Building synergistic rapport between companies and industries

  • Creating liaison with similar associations local and internationally